The Only Statement It Makes Is That You Fish

Always on the water - the spirit and obsession with fishing that is so strong, it permeates all facets of life.

You may be at work, dinner with the in-laws, or on a date; but you're more fixated on getting back to the boat than how the night is going to end.

Brewed For This

From chasing mackerel in Casco Bay to landing his first 40-inch striper from shore, the water in and around Maine has a special place in Tim Adam's past... and present.

It's not just about how Tim spends his time on the water, but how he crafts his hours off it. Tim is the owner and creator of OxBow Brewing, a small tap-to-table operation in rural Newcastle, Maine.

The Changemaker

Raised on a steady diet of South Florida fishing, Heather Harkavy is no stranger to the allure of the salt — as well as the perils these special fisheries face.

In her current role as Executive Director at the nonprofit Fish for Change, she's focused on igniting a sea change by helping nurture the next generation of sustainably-minded ocean stewards.

Tide Traveler

A punchbowl of freshwater inlets, eelgrass beds and sprawling tidal flats, New Jersey’s Barnegat Bay is a baitfish, bluefish and striped bass oasis. It’s also the place Adam Sherer calls home.

He and his family have been exploring and fishing its brackish waters for generations, and today Sherer keeps those traditions motoring forward as the owner of the iconic Sherer’s Boat Basin.